Price list

*Tax not included

Monthly Fees ¥0
Enrollment Fees ¥30,000
1 Session (45 min) ¥6,000
1 Session (60 min) ¥8,000

Personal training

By accurately understanding our customers’ current conditions, we can put together the most efficient training menu for them. We comprehensively check things such as your body’s strains and flexibility using Dr. Training’s original methods, and then we put together a training menu using that information as the base.

What customers need to have prepared

・Upper and lower training wear (Rental ¥500)
・Drink (Our water dispenser is free)
・Towel (Rental Large: ¥300 Small: ¥200)

[60 minutes of time] *Around 80 minutes is required for the whole session
[Fee] ¥8,000 (tax not included)

Training method


SOAP is a body check performed in medical scenes in the United States. We comprehensively check things such as your body’s strains and flexibility. We will then use that information as a base, and create the best training menu for you. People’s bodies change every day, and so we train in combination with your condition for that day.

2Personal Training

We will train you with original methods based on the knowledge that I have gained while at an American graduate school and the coaching experience I have received from some of the world’s top athletes. There is no manual for training. There are many goals to work towards such as improving performance, dieting, and rehabilitation. For example, even if your goal is the same, the methods to approach it will be different for each body. We consider our customers’ demands and results to be of the highest priority, so please do not hesitate to tell us what you want.

3Body Maintenance

Warming up and cooling down are indispensable for bringing out the maximum training results. We will conduct body maintenance that fits with you. We will care for, not only your muscles but also for your fascia and connective tissue at the same time.

4Self care & Nutritional care

If it is to your liking, we offer a training menu that can be done in your own home. We can send things like videos to our customers who cannot remember certain training sections. We also have registered dietitians who can offer advice in each session for our customers who are worried about things like meals.

5Training Report

We will report in detail in the training menu things that we coached you on during your training sessions, things that we noticed, and what goals you should work on from hereafter. Training is important, but we want our customers to feel the changes in their own bodies, and so we will give you a report after each session.


I established Dr. Training with ‘knowledge that I gained while at an American graduate school’ & ‘the experience that I gained while in the MLB’ for, of course, professional athletes, but while also thinking about ‘offering services that regular people could also freely experience.’ While feeling ‘the weight of the occupations that our customers’ bodies deal with,’ we will train you with the desire of ‘changing our customers’ lives.’


1: We want you to include personal training into a part of your own life

Recently, personal training has become ‘awkward’ for some people to do, but we have no monthly fee because we want you to become more familiar with personal training gyms.
First, we want you to experience personal training, and then continue it at your own pace.
Then we want you to turn training into a habit.

2: We want you to turn training into a habit

We want for everybody, including those who cannot afford personal training due to financial reasons, to somehow make training into a habit; and with that desire we have adopted a ‘Zero monthly fees, pay per session’ system.

Of course, it would be amazing if you could train with us three times a week; that would also make my company very happy too.
However, that cannot become a habit if it only lasts for two months.
So even if you only come once a month for one year, and even if you do not come to our establishment and are able to just train by yourself, then that would make me even happier.

3: We want to take money only as compensation for the services that we have already given

If we had a monthly fee, and there were months where you were unable to train with us, then that would become a gain for just us and a loss for our customers.
We cannot improve our customers’ quality of life (QOL) with that kind of service.
For that reason, we have taken a ‘Zero monthly fees, pay per session’ system from our desire to take money only as compensation for the services that we have already given to our customers.

4: We want you to pressure us

We do not want to place importance on each session, one at a time, and provide a personal training program by habit.
We wanted to create a system for our company’s personal training programs that allow our customers to not come if they are unsatisfied. So we have adopted a ‘Zero monthly fees, pay per session’ system from our desire of wanting our customers to pressure us more.

For that reason, we close our establishments once a week to train and improve our training methods and services.
We are constantly diligent every single day so that we can provide the very best personal training services.

We do not want your goal to just be commuting to our establishments.
We want you to reach your own goals through Dr. Training’s personal training programs and improve your own quality of life.

Our true wish is for this to be connected to the foundation in making you a body that will last a lifetime and not just for a moment.