Get the ideal body and performance.

With Dr.Training, I provide a unique form of training from an academic point of view. By linking a variety of elements such as nerves × muscles × cardiovascular functions, and flexibility, your body’s silhouette and performance will change drastically.

“World Class” Training


Results that changed
world-class athletes

Taking full advantage of experience cultivated in Major League Baseball and knowledge acquired in an American graduate school, I have built the world’s optimal training method.


Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association

Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association can be trusted because it is from the US, an advanced country in sports.


Continually providing
cutting-edge training

I go to the US and Spain annually to update my cutting-edge skills. I make no compromises when it comes to the quality of my training.


Increasing performance

Muscles × nerves × cardiovascular function



Training × meal management × DNA


Health promotion

For those who wish to cure bodily disorders & want to maintain a beautiful body



Aims for early recovery & relapse prevention



Ease stiff shoulders × back pains × beauty starts with flexibility

Change Your Life

Training staff & fees


Genki Yamaguchi

Dr.Training representative. Since returning home from the US, I have been responsible for the personal training of professional athletes (such as baseball players, cyclists, golfers, and soccer players) and a large number of entertainers (such as singers, national beauty contestants, models, and presenters). I also conduct specialized lectures on healthcare every month.

[ Past Activities ]

・An official trainer for Miss World Japan
・An advisor for Dr. Stretch
・Participated in a Real Madrid Foundation camp

[ Work Experience ]

・MLB Boston Red Soxs
・MLB Tampa Bay Rays
・MLB Kansas City Royals

[ Academic Background ]

・Nippon University, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, Department of Physical Education (Bachelor’s Degree)
・Central Michigan University
・Shenandoah University
・Texas Institute of Technology,=Texas Tech University, Health Sciences Center, Athletic Training Department (Master’s Degree)

[ Certifications ]

・NATA-ATC (Certified Athletic Trainer from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association)
・NASM-PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine)
・Health and Physical Education Teaching Certification


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[ Enrollment Fees ]

¥ 30,000 → ¥ 0

[ Training Fees ]

・1 Session (45 min)= ¥ 9,720 (Pretax price)
・1 Session (60 min)= ¥ 12,960 (Pretax price)

A personal training gym that is a
two-minute walk from JR Ebisu Station

Due to my dedication to quality training and my desire to work closely with each customer individually, the number of members will be limited to 100 and the number of members per day will be limited to 10.
There are no training manuals. Although goals may be the same, the ways in which they are approached will be different, depending on the individual. I will select the best training regimen from among approximately 500 varieties, and will take responsibility for the training of each and every one of my clients.

4F T. Nakamura Building, Ebisu-Minami 2-3-2, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL : 03-6303-3019

[ Business Hours ] 9:00~22:00
(No Scheduled Holidays)

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or free visits, please apply here

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※ In the event that you do not receive a reply within 2 days, there is the possibility that your email address has been blocked. When this occurs, please contact me by phone (03-6303-3019). I apologize for any inconvenience.